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Flat Rowan

Flat Rowan

What is this, you say?

It's my son's beautiful and inspiring self-portrait, of a very flat Rowan. Also, possibly, your new travel buddy.

The children will be creating their own flat people. These people will be able to travel around the United States or the world. They will arrive in lands far and near via paper or a digital image and will go on adventures with personal contacts (recipients may be friends, work colleagues, family, etc.). In each location images will be taken of the flat person at varying attractions, such as monuments, parks, shops, etc. The recipient or contact may also be in the picture. If the contact sends photos and information via email, please format in a word document or PDF with the child’s name, location and any other information and the photo(s). Please choose the best 3 photos so that each child has a chance to share their highlights. If you can print them in color, excellent! If not, we can…

Welcome to the Flat Rowan project. First, the details, direct from the mission coordinator herself: Srta. Ortiz, my son's 2nd-grade Spanish-immersion school teacher. There's a letter I'm supposed to send you, so here it is, with me filling in the blanks.

Dear [recipient],

In Rowan’s second grade class at ISLA elementary school we have read a book entitled Flat Stanley, that coincides with a IB unit of inquiry called Mapamanía. In the story, Stanley is flattened by a bulletin board, but not hurt. His parents send him in an envelope to California to visit relatives. Flat Rowan has now been sent to you! He/she is looking to visit and learn about your location. Enclosed you will find Flat Rowan. Please complete the following steps:

Photograph Flat Rowan in such a way that we can see where she/he is. Fill out the questionnaire about your location.
Write a description of your adventures with Flat Rowan.

Please send the completed project back to me at the following address:

Clase de Srta. Ortiz
5959 Shady Oak Rd
Minnetonka, MN 55343

Or to bortiz@isla-academy.org

Please return Flat Rowan, the questionnaire, photographs, and the description of your adventure back to our class as soon as you are able. When it is received at school, our class with discuss your adventure and plot your location on our map! If sending via email works better for you, please send to me and I will send it to my teacher.

Thank you so much for your time and cooperation with our project! We eagerly await your response!


Me, Rowan and Srta. Ortiz’s second grade class

Here's the questionnaire to fill out:

Location Questionnaire [to be filled out by recipient of the Flat Student]

¿Cómo se llama este lugar? What is the name of your location?

¿En qué país está? In what country is this location?

¿Cómo es el clima en este lugar? What is the weather like in your location?

Por favor escriba una descripción breve de su aventura con Rowan Plano/a. Please write a brief description of your adventure with Flat Rowan.

Feel free to use another sheet or to type your response.

Thank you!

So there are the details! Please help if you can, I'd love for some people from around the globe to do it for fun, too, just so that the kids can learn more about maps and the world!

Download the Flat Rowan here. Print him out, take him with you, give him a tour!

Oh, and if you email anything to bortiz@isla-academy.org, please cc: blog@grigson.org as well :)

Thanks everyone!

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