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Not My Candidate: Why Hillary Clinton Won't Have My Vote

Not My Candidate: Why Hillary Clinton Won't Have My Vote

Well you know what, buddy? It's not my job to support your candidate. That's your job.

I support Bernie Sanders. Bernie does not have an "enthusiasm gap" problem. Bernie is a principled guy, he's not a millionaire, and he doesn't take money from earth polluters or Wall Street moguls. He also isn't being investigated by the FBI.

He doesn't steal his policy positions from others. On the contrary, Clinton has lifted many of her policies directly from him. It's anyone's guess which ones she actually takes seriously, but I'm guessing the answer is "Whatever keeps the votes coming in, and the donations flowing".

Basically, forget Donald Trump, Bernie's candidacy is the most exciting thing that's happened in politics in a long time, and certainly in the past year.

It's gotten a lot of people who were never involved in politics before to get out and vote, and to have a sense of hope for their country. You want them to replace that with a candidate that didn't inspire them in the first place, and just pull the lever out of a sense of civic obligation for an oligarchy that only cares about them at election time?

I do know that with Clinton we will get a hawkish foreign policy. I don't like that. I prefer the alternative.

I know with Clinton we will have a very secretive (if not downright corrupt) administration.

I wasn't even sure I wanted to vote this year at all, so dispirited with politics am I, until Bernie came along. In that respect, I was not a Democratic voter at all--I was simply a guy who wanted to vote for principle, who was despairing of ever being presented with a principled candidate.

So many voters out there in the same boat, including the slew of Independents who owe the Democratic party zero allegiance at all, voting for Bernie in droves.

So who are you to demand that any of these people vote for Clinton?

They do this to us every year, and we fall for it every year: Vote for the Democrat, because the Republicans are crazy!

Yes, the Republicans are crazy, but you people are addicts. You're addicted to partisan politics, and a loyalist sense of "us" versus "them". As evidenced by the groundswell of people supporting non-establishment candidates, can you not sense the disgust among the populace for the establishment?

The only way to deal with an addict is to cut them off. Cut them off of their funding, prompted by emails that start, "Donald Trump is dangerous! We can't let him win! Donate today!" Cut off their assurance that the Democratic base and Independents will go along with the Democratic nominee, no matter what.

Only once voters start standing on principle will we make them realize they can't take us for granted.

And the next time they want to put forth a warmongering friend of Wall Street who abuses the campaign finance system, maybe they'll think twice before assuming that a certain crucial bloc of voters will just go along with whatever they put up on the board.

Sorry, that's not our job. It's not our job to vote for your shitty candidate. That's your job.

Stop trying to make it ours.

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