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The Onyx Star Chronicles

The Onyx Star Chronicles

Yes, the cover is just a placeholder.

I like the serial format of writing. I like knowing I have eyes on it every week, the sense of a deadline, and the realization I'm witing it for others motivates me to consider when writing what seems to be a fun read, a good story.

So I'm launching the Onyx Star Chronicles on Wattpad. What is Wattpad? Well, just sign up for an account, and read free books! On iOS and Android as well. It's pretty slick. You can make a reading list, follow authors you like, and get notified when in-progress books you are reading get updates!

Since there's an already-existing community there, I thought it would be good to take my sci-fi story there, know immediately if it is being read, and get feedback from readers of things they like or don't like about the story.

It's very "off the cuff", but the setting is one I've had in my mind for a long time now. Hope you enjoy.

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