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The Road From Despair

The Road From Despair

I was just there,
in Despair.
Maybe you've been there, too.
Maybe you stopped or grew
In the soles of your boots
The desire to care
So rare
in Despair.

Met someone there
in Despair.
Thought there was love about
Thought she knew a way out
She was kind of a rut
So my dreams were lost there
Lost where?
in Despair.

So think I'll elope
With Hope.
Should head that way, they say.
And so then maybe someday
The hopeful girl and me
Can manage to cope
Or grope
For Hope.

Tires started to squeal
In Real.
I pulled over halfway there
Between Hope and between Despair
I started thinking again
I turned the wheel
To heal
In Real.

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